Motor Vehicle Accidents

Our NY personal injury law firm represents people who were seriously injured in Motor Vehicle Accidents in New York State, including:
• Hit and run accidents
• Uninsured motorist claims
• Underinsured motorist claims
• MVAIC claims
• Motor vehicle collisions involving a car, taxi, bus, truck, or other commercial vehicle
• Driver standing outside his disabled car waiting for assistance, and struck by another vehicle

We are fully familiar with New York No-Fault Law, New York Uninsured Motorist Law, and optional New York Underinsured Motorist coverage (also known as Supplementary Uninsured Motorist Coverage).

We know how to prove that your injuries were caused by the motor vehicle collision.

New York State is a comparative negligence jurisdiction.  When an accident in New York State is caused by the defendant’s negligence, even if the injured plaintiff was partially at fault, the plaintiff is entitled to recover monetary damages for the injuries sustained (subject to the “serious injury threshold” for New York State motor vehicle accidents), however the damages will be reduced by the plaintiff’s percentage of fault.

New York Motor Vehicle insurance policies provide coverage for payment of No-Fault benefits for medical and hospital bills, loss of earnings, and some other miscellaneous expenses incurred as a result of injuries sustained in a New York Motor Vehicle Accident.

There are extremely short time periods for filing an application for New York State No-Fault benefits for medical and hospital expenses, loss of earnings, and other benefits available under the NYS Personal Injury Protection Law.  We assist our clients in timely completing and filing the No-Fault Application.  If you file the No-Fault Application yourself, we recommend that you make sure to list all of your injuries, and keep a copy of the filed form, and give us a copy.  There are also short time limitations for submitting to the no-fault insurance carrier, the medical and hospital bills incurred in a New York motor vehicle accident.

If you or a loved one was seriously injured in a New York motor vehicle accident, your New York Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer should take all steps necessary to maximize the monetary compensation you receive for your injuries.

We investigate the facts and circumstances of the motor vehicle collision, and gather the evidence needed to prove the cause of the accident.  With our thorough investigation and pretrial discovery, we are in a better position to prove the cause of the collision, and prove that the responsible driver and owner are liable for your injuries.

For more information about how our New York Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve for a New York Motor Vehicle Accident, click the link below:
Motor Vehicle Accidents

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