Pedestrian Accidents

The carelessness of motorists often results in serious injuries when a pedestrian is involved. It is obvious that even a “light tap” by a vehicle making contact with a pedestrian can cause serious injuries. The driver of a car or vehicle may not even feel any impact when his vehicle strikes a pedestrian, since the driver is completely protected by more than a ton of metal. The pedestrian, however, is completely vulnerable and totally unprotected from injury caused by a motor vehicle, striking the pedestrian.

When a pedestrian is struck by even a slow-moving vehicle, pedestrian may suffer catastrophic injuries.

Of course, it’s important for pedestrians to obey traffic lights, including walk signals and to cross the street in the crosswalk and not be distracted by cell phones, conversation, headphones, etc. New York law requires motorists to yield the right-of-way to pedestrians in the crosswalk, crossing the street with the traffic signal in their favor. This is true even if both the driver and pedestrian have a green traffic light in their favor. This often occurs when the motorist is making a turn into the street pedestrians crossing.

As an experienced New York Pedestrian Accident Lawyer, Michael W Goldstein aggressively represents each personal injury client who sustained serious injuries as a result of a pedestrian accident. As a New York personal injury law firm established in 1985, our goal is to obtain the maximum monetary recovery for each client injured in a New York accident.

We thoroughly investigate each accident case in order to establish the cause of the accident.  Interviewing eye witnesses such as other pedestrians, bystanders, or even other motorists is often critical.

We believe that motorists must respect the rights of pedestrians crossing the street.  We do everything in our power to thoroughly and aggressively represent the rights of pedestrian accident victims.

Even if the driver leaves the scene of the accident and is never identified, the injured pedestrian should be able to recover money damages for his or her serious injuries. When representing the victim of a hit-and-run driver, we will make a claim with the insurance company insuring a motor vehicle owned by the pedestrian or a member of the pedestrian’s household, or if neither the pedestrian, nor any member of the pedestrian’s family owned a motor vehicle on the date of the accident, then we will make the claim against the Motor Vehicle Accident Indemnification Corporation (MVAIC).

In hit and run accident accidents, a police report must be filed within 24 hours of the accident.  Also, there are specific notice requirements that must be complied with in order to preserve the pedestrian’s right to make a claim. Therefore, it is important that an injured pedestrian consult a New York Pedestrian Accident Lawyer promptly after the accident.

A pedestrian struck by a car is also entitled to have his or her medical and hospital bills paid, and lost earnings reimbursed, to the extent of the insurance policy no-fault coverage, in accordance with New York no-fault insurance law. There are very short time limitations for filing an application for New York State No-Fault benefits for medical and hospital expenses, loss of earnings, and other benefits available under the NYS Personal Injury Protection Law.  Therefore, it is important to retain a New York Pedestrian Accident Lawyer promptly after the accident. We assist our clients in timely completing and filing the No-Fault Application.

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